Sunday, May 1, 2011

So long, SAPAC Seniors!

Yesterday, 20 SAPAC volunteers graduated from the University of Michigan.

These seniors are:

Catherine Martin, MA Co-Coordinator
Mark Navarro, MA Co-Coordinator
Crosby Modrowski, NPA Co-Coordinator
Stephanie Rau, NPA Co-Coordinator
Amalia Miralrio, PE Co-Coordinator

Erin Donker, PE Volunteer
Valencia Lyle, PE Volunteer
Hillary McLaren, PE Volunteer
Lilly O'Brien-Kavari, PE Volunteer
Kristin Reiter, PE Volunteer
Kyra Stefin, PE Volunteer

Michelle Loubert, MA Volunteer
Sohani Patel, MA Volunteer
Shelly Sahi, MA Volunteer
Shaziah Singh, MA Volunteer
Lisa Weichman, MA Volunteer
Bowei Zhao, MA Volunteer

Laura Campion, NPA Volunteer
Autumn Poisson, NPA Volunteer
Karen Wullaert, NPA Volunteer

We are so sad to see you go, but we are so excited to see how you change the world! Thanks again for influencing this campus and being amazing activists!

We'll miss you all!