Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Officers Charged With Rape in Attack on Drunken Woman"

Disturbing points of the article
1. Cop mentioned using a condom, so say bye-bye to DNA evidence
2. After officers assisted the woman home, they left on another call. Then, they came back, TWICE, for different durations of time, the last being 34 minutes (evidenced by surveillance footage from apartment security system)

And of course there are classic, textbook victim-blaming statments made by attorneys and whatnot in the article.

I knew about this, because some of my housemates were saying that "oh, she probably seduced them and is now blaming them for." I took this opportunity to be an active bystander...and to educate them on the fact that she could not give consent in her state, and that by saying that they were blaming her for the incident.

It's stuff that this that really makes my blood boil...and makes me realize how much more we need to educate people.

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