Friday, November 20, 2009

NPA Continuing Ed

Hey Everyone,

I recently read a book called the Road of Lost Innocence by: Somaly Mam. If anyone has time to read these days I would HIGHLY recommend it. The book is a true story about a young Cambodian girl who is sold into sexual slavery. It was horrifying to read everything that this woman had to go through, from the sexual abuse from her “uncle” to being sold to a brothel. It is amazing to me that things like this are going on in the world today. It was also terrifying to find out that the police are well aware of the situations and yet they let it continue, and even partake in it themselves. This story truly sent me on a roller coaster ride of emotions anywhere from sadness, to anger, amazement, and happiness. It was so inspirational to read the story of this woman who despite being through so much is still so strong. She was able to finally make it out of the sexual slavery she suffered for years and set up an organization to help get more girls out. The organizations started out small, in her own home, but have since grown. Below I have attached a link to the Somaly Mam Foundation’s website:

This foundation not only rescues girls from brothels, it gives them a place to start over. The foundation offers the girls shelter, counseling, medical treatment, schooling, and classes in activities such as sewing. They do all this so that when it is time to leave the shelter, the girls have the confidence and the skills to rebuild their lives. It was a truly amazing and inspirational story. If you can’t read the book I urge you to at least look at the website. I hope that we may all be as courageous and loving as this woman, she is truly an inspiration to our cause.

SAPAC love,

Renee Muller

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