Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Al Gore a Rapist? Yeah Right, says the media

We're all familiar with Al - the one who "really" won the election, the guy who claims he invented he internet, the global warming activist, and the butt of South Park's jokes. But above all, his image is squeaky clean. He cares about the environment, he won a Grammy & an Emmy, plus a whole slew of other accolades and he even poked fun at himself on Saturday Night Live.

So the recent news of sexual assault allegations sound pretty ridiculous, especially in a rape-culture where you blame the victim, and she's probably lying anyway. In the linked article, the author makes many valid points about how the media should be reporting sexual assault allegations. They shouldn't be making jokes, they shouldn't run an article called "3 reasons why it probably isn't true" and they shouldn't perpetuate this perception of the rapist-in-the-dark alley. Friedman hits the nail on the head - male rapists are fathers, brothers, policeman, teachers, doctors, friends and any other average Joe moniker. Instead of villainizing yet another woman who dares to come forth with her story, the media should focus on deeper reasons as to why Gore, or any man, would do such a thing. Or, at the very least, write an impartial piece.


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