Monday, February 13, 2012

Yale Quarterback Accused of Sexual Assault

This article was found on the blog Jezebel, and describes how Yale quarterback Patrick Witt was accused of sexual assault by another Yale student. The description of this event was very vague and the media portrayed it as though it was the victim's fault for not reporting it, yet there can be many reasons that a survivor would not want to report a sexual assault. Also, this is just one more example of an athlete being accused of sexual assault and not facing any repercussions (as of the publishing of this article). Athletes should not be held to different standards than the rest of society and have to set an example, since their lives are covered more heavily by the media.

See article here:


  1. Yes but what did the University of Michigan do when their place kicker Brendon Gibbons was arrested for allegedly raping a freshman girl at a fraternity party and another football player threatened to rape her again if she pressed charges? The campus police did a "wellness check" on the girl and she stopped cooperating with the Ann Arbor Police.