Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Necto Party Flyer

As I was walking up the stairs of Dennison to Biology discussion today, I could not help but stop when I saw a flyer for a Stoplight Party being held at Necto on Thursday. Each floor had a different color flyer (either red, yellow, or green) and a little witty phrase to go along with the specific color. When I got to the third floor, I had to take my phone out and get a picture.
Gggrrreeeaaatttt. So basically, regardless of whether or not someone wants to be touched, it is completely okay because "we won't tell." Isn't this the definition of sexual assault? I am not sure if I am more disappointed in the makers of the flyer or the fact that these can be hung up around campus and most people do not even think twice.

-Lauren, NPA Volunteer

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  1. Ugh that is absolutely disgusting! We HAVE to do something about this.