Friday, April 22, 2011

So sorry about the hiatus!

Readers, I am so sorry about the lack of posts. We are all students at the University of Michigan, as you might have guessed, and holy shit it is exam time. I personally had a Spanish exam at eight this morning (no me gusta!), and we are all 3/4 dead and thus have been slacking on the blog. We haven't stopped keeping up on the news or working at the offices, but we've unfortunately let this fall by the wayside. Dear readers, we are so apologetic for this, but hopefully many of you know what it is like to be hopped up on caffeine in your econ test (by the way, bring a travel mug to Starbucks today for free coffee) or having friends throw things at you in the library to wake you back up to study for that evil organic chemistry exam. Please forgive us! Also, most of us will be leaving Ann Arbor for the summer for a number of places, among them Kentucky, Costa Rica, Washington D.C., France, and many more. I personally am staying in Ann Arbor for summer classes and work, so I will be trying my best to keep updating the blog.

Please don't lose faith in us, darlings!
Love, Briana

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