Monday, February 8, 2010

Military Physicians Required To Carry Plan B

Who knew getting pregnant or getting a servicewoman pregnant on duty was punishable by federal law? Until recently, it was a toss up whether women on duty would have access to birth control. In that case, any sexual acts could end both the man and woman's career and cause serious repercussions once back in the States. Pregnancy is considered a federal crime for soldiers. Finally, (and way too late) military physicians are now required to carry Plan B as a resource for women fighting overseas. This gives women more control over their body and provides them with resources they have been restricted from before.

Check out some of the conversations going on in the comment section at the end of the article, particularly the one about the current marine force. I do not have current stats of sexual assault in the military, but do we think sexual assault and sexual violence occur at these rates even in our military? If so, shouldn't Plan B have been made available a long time ago?

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  1. I never knew that Plan B wasn't offered to military personnel overseas, and I think it's ridiculous it has taken this long for it to be available. If emergency contraception had been available in the first place, it's possible, in the instances where the woman did want to carry the pregnancy to term, that the military would not have even needed to start discharging people in the first place.