Monday, February 8, 2010

Vandalized Diag Board

It has recently come to the attention (thanks to the SORC) that SAPAC's most recent diag board has been vandalized. Yes, vandalized.

The board detailing Jessica Valenti's upcoming visit to campus (2/16, 7:30 pm, Michigan Union) was CUT OUT by someone who thought they had the liberty to destroy our advertisement. But WHY did this person do it? Is it because he or she dislikes SAPAC as an organization? Because this person is against the speaker's personal views? Because the board referenced feminism?

Destroying the diag board of a student organization's (one that is run by the Division of Student Affairs, I might add) creates an unsafe and intolerant campus climate, which is something that concerns me. If SAPAC volunteers and student activists can't advertise upcoming events without meeting hostility from the community, how can we, as a campus, even begin to help and advocate for student survivors? How can we, as a campus, even start to end sexual assault in our own community?

If I haven't made myself clear, I think that this act of vandalism is completely ridiculous, and frankly, cowardly. If you disagree with something that SAPAC volunteers are doing, voice it. Call or come to our office. Comment on our blog or facebook page. Contact the University. Don't destroy a diag board that costs the University money and uses up the time of volunteers.

-Confused & Outraged Networking, Publicity, & Activism Volunteer, CM


  1. It has been suggested by some that this may not have been a malicious act of vandalism. While I definitely do not agree with whoever cut out the Diag Board, some people have mentioned that people often cut out intriguing posters or signs that they would like to keep for themselves.

    Again, regardless of the motivation, cutting down the Diag Board was unacceptable and a destruction of property. I, personally, am hoping that the individual(s) responsible were merely excited about Jessica Valenti coming to campus, and wanted a sign for their apartment or dorm room.

  2. That is a good point--maybe that's it!