Friday, February 25, 2011


A canadian judge, Robert Dewar, recently let a convicted rapist get off with no jail time because of "inviting circumstances," i.e. the survivor was wearing a revealing outfit. Let me make this very clear, Mr. Dewar: Clothes don't consent to sexual activity, past sexual history can't give consent, going off alone with someone doesn't give that person consent, and "wanting to party" does not mean wanting to be raped. Rape is rape, even if the survivor is not the "perfect victim" seen in the media. Rapists are the ones that deserve your blame, scrutiny and distain, Mr. Dewar. Your heinous victim blaming is nothing short of appalling, and you deserve to lose your job.

Here's the Jezebel article. And here's the linked article.

-Emily R, NPA Volunteer

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  1. Issues with a similar case, in America, covered here:

    Ali - NPA