Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Detroit Walk for Choice

As some of you may know, women's health has come under siege lately. The House of Representatives recently passed the Pence Bill, which will defund Planned Parenthood and all other organizations that use Title X funding.

In response to this, people all over the country, and even the world, organized Walks for Choice, in order to let everyone know that this bill is unacceptable. All of the walks took place on Saturday, February 27, including the Detroit Walk for Choice.

Despite the onslaught of snow, there was a great turnout at the event, which translated into lots of incredible signs.

The group marched from Hart Plaza, split in two, and walked down both sides of Woodward Avenue, to Comerica Park and back. Loud cheers erupted every time someone honked their horn. The organizers of the event lead everyone in chants, such as, "What do we want? Women's rights! When do we want them? NOW!"

My personal favorite was, "Two, four, six, eight. We're the ones who ovulate. Not the church, not the state. We decide our own fate."

This isn't a spectacular picture, but I couldn't ignore how fitting a fist hanging above everyone was.

A large group of students from U of M carpooled to the event to show their support.
We asked a woman to take this picture for us, and as she peered through the camera lens, she said, "Look at all of you. You're all so young and empowered and excited."

And she was right.

--Nicole Corrigan

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