Saturday, March 5, 2011

Why Michigan Basketball's Student Section is AMAZING

Today is the day that Michigan beat Michigan State 70-63 in the last basketball game of the regular season. It was a fast paced and exciting game that took us one step closer to the NCAA tournament. It was also the game in which our student section collectively spoke out against rape. While MSU's Keith Appling, was at free throw line, the primarily male student section roared "no means no!" while jabbing their fingers in his direction. It could just be my SAPAC bias (although I highly doubt it) but the student section seemed to be shouting with more volume and vigor than I've heard in a long time. The rage and emotion behind their statement was palpable; no one in the stadium could deny it.

While these free throw chants are typically humorous ("you wear UGG boots" is one example) this particular one was an inspiring declaration that violence against women is NEVER acceptable. Men are essential in ending sexual violence and I'm ecstatic that our student section chose to be a part of the solution. If the person who organized this happens to be reading our blog, I want to thank you. In a world of victim blaming and doubt towards survivors, you offered us a glimpse of what we can achieve. Only with your help can we eliminate rape on campus, and in our world, once and for all. You have voiced your intolerance of rape, and the athletic community heard you loud and clear. Michigan difference, baby. Michigan difference.

NPA Volunteer

Here is MSU's Coalition Against Sexual Violence Facebook page:


  1. Great article! How inspiring of our team =]

  2. You inspire me, Ellie. Thank you for fighting this and speaking out.

  3. Did Appling rape someone?

  4. He is one of two athletes that were accused of rape. He isn't convicted so I guess you're not "allowed" to say he's a rapist but the evidence was that he did is OVERWHELMING.