Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Feminist Coming Out Day!

Time to raise awareness about a new event created by the partnering of a Harvard LGBTQ group and a feminist club! For most feminists, today is more popularly known as International Women's Day, but the collaboration of these two groups have created a new way to celebrate the day. Last year the first Feminist Coming Out Day was established and publicized by the creators. Today, the celebration is being publicized nationally and will hopefully only continue to gain recognition. Feminist Coming Out Day is a day for everyone, regardless of current involvement in the movement, to take a stand and be proud of calling themselves a feminist. As described on the website, the project "arose out of a frustration with the limited portrayal of the movement as straight, White, and cisgendered."

The feminist movement welcomes and benefits everyone! Take a free second to check out the website at http://feministcomingoutday.com and see some of the different ways people around the country are taking the day to speak proudly about feminism. 

My personal favorite... the website has a template you can download with the heading "This Is What A Feminist Looks Like" and all you need is a picture of yourself.  You can then publish the new picture to facebook or use the flyer for anything else- http://feministcomingoutday.com/get-involved .

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