Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Immediate Action Needed: Clemency for Battered Women Prisoners

Please consider writing, calling, or emailing the governor and Michigan parole board on behalf of women wrongfully imprisoned who acted to save their own lives against their abusers. Governor Granholm has not been re-elected, so the Clemency Project is really pushing her to grant some of these women BEFORE she leaves office. Please take a few minutes to act on behalf of these women. Below, you'll see a template you can simply copy and paste as well as a list of women who are currently seeking clemency from prison in Michigan.

Dear Governor Granholm,
Please consider granting clemency to Dolores Kapuscinski and other wrongfully imprisoned women. At this point in your term, you have an opportunity to take a stand against violence against women in the state of Michigan. These women deserve clemency.
-Your Name

Mailing Addresses:
Governor Jennifer Granholm
PO Box 30013, Lansing MI 48909 

Michigan Parole Board
Barbara Sampson, Chair
PO Box 30003, Lansing MI 48909


First Degree Lifers:
1. DELORES KAPUSCINSKI 191704 Kent County, Murder I, Life, 1988. She shot her husband after severe sexual and emotional abuse. Expert witness testified, but no understanding of domestic violence ? especially sexual violence - by judge or jury in 1988. She is supported by MWJCP and UofM Law School.

2. BARBARA HERNANDEZ 218771 Oakland County, Murder I, Life, 1992. She was 16, a runaway from incest and abuse and neglect. She was homeless, living with a predatory, abusive boyfriend when he killed a man. She is supported by CAPPS, MWJCP, ACLU Juvenile Lifer effort.

3. MELISSA SWINEY 205346 Oakland County, Murder I, Life 1988. Abused, incested, mentally disturbed she became pregnant, gave birth and left the newborn in a field. She has the support of her arresting officers, PSI writer, court magistrate.

4. LUANNE SZENAY 214992 Bay County, Murder I, Conspiracy, Life, 1990.
She was beaten, threatened with death,
and her daughter threatened with kidnapping by her violent, drug addicted husband. Trying to leave and desperately afraid, she conspired with a co-worker who killed her husband to protect her.

5. MELISSA CHAPMAN 196612 Genesee County, Murder I, Life, 1988.
Violent boyfriend killed another man in her presence out of jealousy. She was 18, helped hide the body under threat of death.

6. SHARLEEN WABINDATO 150340 Muskegon County, Murder I, Life, 1977.
Her abusive boyfriend threatened her and forced her to participate in a robbery, and then he killed a man.

7. MACHELLE PEARSON 176620 Washtenaw County, Murder I, Life, 1984. At age 17, she accidentally shot a woman. Incested and beaten as a child, she ran away to an abusive predator who bashed her head, stuck a gun in her belt and told her to rob any woman who came by. In prison, she was raped by a guard, gave birth, was forced to give up the baby. She is seriously ill with Myasthenia Gravis, a debilitating muscular disease, aggravated by medical neglect.

8. SUSAN FARRELL , Oakland County, Murder I, Life, 1989. Her mentally ill son killed her abusive husband.

9. NANCY SEAMAN 520695, Oakland County, Murder I, Life, 2004. Killed her abusive husband in self-defense.

10. BARBARA DAVIS 436879, Wayne County, Murder I, Life 2002. Her father, who had incested her growing up, got out of prison and manipulated her to drive him to rob a drug dealer, then he shot the man. Her father was acquitted because she could not testify against him.

Second-Degree Cases:
11. KAREN KANTZLER, Oakland County, Murder II, Life, 1987. She shot her violent husband. He had broken her bones, beat her, thrown her, threatened her life. A study published by MWJCP in Hastings Women's Law Journal showed bias against Karen Kantzler and other battered women defendants by Oakland County. Trial judge, Hon. Norman Lippitt, supports clemency, attests he made "a serious and tragic error" in her case. Successor Judge Barry Howard supported her.

12. KINNARI SUTARIYA 316863 Wayne Co MurderII 11-20, 2000. Stabbed sexually abusive husband. She will be deported back to India, where she has family and support.

13. ANTOINETTE MCKINNEY 237079 Macomb Co, Murder II, 17-30. 1992. She shot her batterer-husband in a classic, self-defense struggle over a gun.

14. ANITA POSEY 260550 Eaton Co, Murder II, 17-50 years, 1997. She shot her violent boyfriend as he was threatening to kill her and their baby.

15. DONNA DEBRUIN, 227328 Wayne Co, Murder II, Life, 1988. Violent ex-husband was killed by abusive boyfrd.

16. CHRISTY NEFF 255549 Ingham County, Murder II, 40-60, 1996. Her violent ex-husband escaped from prison in N. Carolina and murdered her new, abusive husband out of jealousy. Both men saw her as their exclusive "property".

17. TAMMY RAMOS 630004 Wayne County, Manslaughter, 11-15, 2005. Killed her abusive husband in self-defense.

18. BRENDA CLARKE 312860 StJoseph, Murder II, 17-40, 2000. Killed her abusive husband in self-defense.

19. DEBORAH BEAMON 246190 Wayne, Murder II, 20-40, 1994. Killed her abusive boyfriend in self-defense.

20. TRACY SCHAFER 248225 Oakland, Murder II 18-30, 1995. Killed her abusive husband in self-defense.

21. DAWN GILLESPIE 509049 Oakland, Manslaughter. 7-15, 2004. Killed her abusive husband in self-defense.

22. TABITHA MAYNARD 377608 Genesee Murder II 24-33 2000 Killed her father who had incested her for years.

23. LANISE BASON 319076 Wayne, Murder II 18-50 Killed her abusive boyfriend in fear for her life

24. LINDA MARQUARDT 479446 Ingham, Murder II 15-35 killed her abusive husband in self-defense

25. ETTA DUNMIRE 608217 Calhoun, Murder II 20-30, killed her abusive husband in self-defense

26. QUIANA LOVETT 779728 Murder II, Wayne, 16-30, killed her abusive boyfriend in self-defense

27. ANA-MARIE CERON SANDOVAL 691128 Manslaughter, Branch, 5-15, killed abusive husband in self-defense


  1. When I see a women on here that I am certain wasn't beaten and had piles of evidence against her regarding the premeditation of her crime and her conspiracy to end a mans life I have to question the integrity of all the other claims. Fact check beforehand. The conspirator was not a coworker, but rather her employee. No police reports of the convicted murderers alleged abuse by her victim. No evidence ever presented as to victims alleged drug abuse. In fact, report from victims autopsy shows quite the opposite. No drugs. Have respect for these victims families when you defame their loved ones memories with lies told by someone who did them harm. I'm certain that some of these women likely were in horrible circumstances. This particular women left her husband six months before she had him murdered. She checked his life insurance days before to make sure she was still the beneficiary. He was shot with a sawed off shot gun through a window while watching tv in his pjs in his livingroom. This wound nearly took off his arm. Then he was chased down in his home,made to lay on the floor face down, while crying and begging for his life, and shot between his shoulder blades nearly severing his head from his body. These are facts recorded in trial transcripts that anyone can read.

    1. I agree with you completely!!!! Sad that there groups trying to free these killers. A common denominator here....abuse and self defense...unfortunate and sad in the rare occasion that abuse is a motivating factor, but a grown woman can leave a man if he is that bad. I don't understand!

    2. I'm glad that you never grew up in violence like I had too. My father was extremely abusive towards myself and my mother. He beat me on a daily basis and as a result I ended up in string of abusive relationships. Most of the women who end up in abusive relationships were abused as children therefore they think being abused by their husband and boyfriend is acceptable. Those women literally have no self-esteem therefore leaving seems impossible. It's something you couldn't comprehend unless you've personally experienced yourself. I am not saying that I believe the women above or innocent and should be freed, but it just grinds me when I see men and women saying, "why didn't they leave?" If only it were that simple. Women leave abusive relationships when the fear of staying is greater than the fear of leaving.

  2. How does one get to read the trial transcripts that you said are available to everyone?

    1. you go to the courthouse in the county the trial was help. it is usually 1.00 a page to have it printed, however you may read all day long.

  3. I've been in prison over two years and had a chance to know some of those women "from inside". I am affraid to sound harsh- most of them are manipulative, mean, and controlling. Are you ready to have them back to the society?!!

  4. read the appeals case

  5. I happen to be one of those women that was in prison for defending myself when the law wouldn't. I regret what I did. I wish I had found the strength the walk away and never look back, but it's not that simple or east when you perceive yourself trapped with no way out; no one to help; all alone. He's not abusive all the time...that would be a no brainer. It's a vicious cycle of courtship, capture, abuse, recapture; and on it goes. Be careful of judging another until you've walked in their shoes...but I hope you never have to.
    Signed, Abused but Alive

    1. Agreed and I've had a relative in the same situation. I am sorry that this is a male dominated world where women still get treated like sex slaves and whores simply because these lousy pricks think they can get away with it. Women SHOULD fight back - no matter what happens. For all you judgmental assholes commenting - who have never been through it - how do you walk away from a man who continually stalks you with these lousy stalking laws and a simple piece of paper to restrain them - yeah - that works - uhuh. Give me a fucking break. Ladies - KEEP FIGHTING and GET AWAY if you can. If you can't - do what you need to do to SURVIVE.

  6. Let me tell you something. Yes, some of the women listed are manipulative, controlling, mean, even abusive.... but what was done to them is WHY they are the way they are! HURT PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE. Maybe the prison should actually have prgrams and therapy... GOOD therapy available to these women! I spent 2 and a half years in there with them, and not all of them are bad! Anyone can fuck up and end up there!
    CHRISTY NEFF 255549

    I can say without a shred of doubt that given the oppurtunity they would be better citizens then most of society today!

    When you judge someone else, you are really judging yourself!

    1. Anonymous, at least one of the six women that you listed has manipulated you into believing what is not true. I suggest that you read the court transcripts of these cases before making a statement asking for clemency. This woman has been imprisoned for approx. 35 years because she did commit the crime. She has been singing this song for so long that she actually doesn't remember the truth anymore.

  7. After reading this post, I'm shocked. I know one of the people listed on here was not "acting in self defense" from her "abusive boyfriend". I really think you should do more research before posting something like this! While I'm sure there are some cases where someone has been wrongly convicted, your inclussion of one or more women who were certainly NOT wrongly convicted really takes away from your cause!

  8. Do you know what the difference is between self-defense and murder? Firing six shots into someone and reloading your gun to fire one more round. Do NOT release this person!

  9. It absolutely sickens me that there are people out there that are actually fighting to free these women. One of these women tried blaming her deed on my best friend and I when we were 18 and going through a short lived wild spell. This woman shot her husband in cold blood, and it is noted that he was abusive and addicted to drugs...she was the one addicted, and therefore took his life. I hope this killer is kept in prison, where she belongs, despite the efforts of these bleeding heart feminists.

    1. I should also add, that I was in a relationship with a woman that was so jealous, that after leaving a bar one night, she tried relentlessly to run me over with her car, because a woman in the bar took my cowboy hat off and tried to wear it. I never flirted back and just got my hat back from the woman. This ex girlfriend also attempted to stab me on 2 occasions before I finally ended the relationship. I never called the police for fear that the system would work in HER favor, though I was guilty of NO wrong doing. Just something to think about....

  10. www.ssldl.info/gsdl/collect/slh/index/assoc/DSLH1997/...dir/doc.pdf‎
    Tracy Schafer shot and killed her husband Rick Schafer while he slept. The claims are that he was abusive and she was afraid...the article above contains her confession that she killed him because he had done all of the drugs leaving none for her. The link provided is from the South Lyon Herald in regards to Tracy Schafer muder case. PLEASE GET THE FACTS STRAIGHT BEFORE FIGHTING TO FREE THESE MONSTERS!!!

    1. You posted a truncated link, but otherwise I agree with everything you say. For most of the women listed you can go over to writeaprisoner.com and read their pathetic "dating" or "help me" ads for suckers stupid enough to send them money. Nothing but manipulative con artists/murderers.