Monday, November 1, 2010

Media Fail

We all know that the mainstream media has some shortcomings when it comes to reporting about violence against women. For example, calling raped women "alleged victims" instead of the perpetrator "alleged rapists," or talking about how the woman had her skirt too short, etc. Here's another one for the files: "Candidate Accused of Getting Lesbian Pregnant." And no, that's not from a trashy magazine at the check-out line. That's straight from MSNBC.

The case itself is fairly horrible. David King, the Republican candidate for Wisconsin's Secretary of State, has been accused of taking a 31-year-old woman to lunch, getting her drunk, then raping her when she was passed out, which got her pregnant. She says that there's no other possible father, because she's a lesbian and has been with the same woman for four years. That's where MSNBC's headline came from. Even worse, MSNBC edited her quotes to take out multiple references where she plainly called it rape, choosing instead to repeatedly refer to it as "having sex with her," even though they do admit she was passed out. The whole thing is just a mess, but what's worse are the comments. It's a multitude of slut-shaming, why didn't she stop drinking, homophobia and a bonus round of accusations of ACORN and Obama trying to sabotage a Tea Party candidate. One writer even searched her lawyer and based his accusations in the fact that his facebook page "likes" Rahm Emmanuel and Obama. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, instead of wondering how a rapist got so far in office, let's accuse a black female lesbian of working with Obama to overthrow a Republican.

What do all of you think?

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