Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This is insane. A high-school cheerleader got kicked off the team for refusing to cheer out the name of the man that assaulted her as he played in a basketball game.

There's a good amount of victim blaming going on in this situation. The school even made her family pay for legal fees of the suit. It almost seems as if the high school community did not try to believe her at all. No accommodations were made for her - in fact she was punished for making the choice to act (in her own right) and refuse to cheer the name of her attacker. Perfectly reasonable on her part.

Seems at first like such an obvious question, but what is it about our society that puts people in such denial? Why deny survivors?

The school certainly should have had this girl's emotional health in mind. Due to what's happened to her, as a survivor, she did not need the people around her to create an environment that lacks support. There should be protocol for these situations in school systems.

Agreed with the woman in the interview; this boy should have had SOME sort of action against him from the university.

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